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4 Ways To Conduct Employee Attendance Evaluation

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Analyzing how regular your employees are is done through a system of online time and attendance evaluations. That way, you’ll see whether they have been absent without reason while still requiring the same payroll and calculate the time-offs that have been paid.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the ways to conduct the attendance of your employees. This is essential for every business since it improves and promotes its functionality of it while motivating your employees to do better and earn more. Keep reading and find out more.

Get all attendance factors into consideration

Collecting information about the presence of your employees should be complete. For that reason, be sure not to forget a factor and consider everything.


The first and obvious factor is the time they’ve put in work. Previously this was measured through manually writing cards. Now it’s easier by using an application to track the online time and attendance of your employees. That way, you’ll see whether they meet the minimum of daily or weekly working hours.

Time-offs and sick days

Since they fall under the category of paid leave, forgetting about the time-offs and sick days can seriously cause problems in your payroll as well as the policy of your firm.


Lastly, the breaks should be taken seriously. If you notice how a certain employee goes out for lunch before everyone else, and come back last, you should act accordingly.

Analyze the attendance records

Keeping detailed data of attendance records for every employee of yours is essential in managing your business properly.

However, by using the old method of recording employees’ attendance, you leave more chances for mistakes to happen. In addition, these spreadsheets require a lot of time to fill in. For that reason, most businesses have switched to using an Employee Attendance tracker.

This tool helps you in gathering precise information about the exact hours every employee puts into work. In addition, tracks the time when the workers are not logged in and calculate them as absences. It also lets you analyze how every employee works, and how they manage their schedules.

Find out the reason for the absenteeism

Before you get to present the consequences of being absent, be sure to understand why the worker did not show up to work. If the reason is valid, like having burnout because of overwork in the past days, you can manage to assign a couple of their tasks to others.

This helps in establishing a better connection between you and the worker and helps them get back to work sooner. In case the reason is not valid, get to calculating the costs of their absence and deduct that from their paycheck or look for another solution.

Come up with motivating feedback

Lastly, by using the online time and attendance tool, you have to come up with frequent feedback for every employee. However, be sure not to be harsh because that is never a good thing. Instead, try to motivate and encourage them to do better in the future. Pinpoint their drawbacks and offer them some solutions on how can they improve.

Not only does this improve the relationship between the employer and the worker, but it contributes to a healthier workplace which is always essential. In case you don’t know how to create polite feedback, there are lots of templates online.

Written by Marcus Richards

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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