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9 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Business’s Sustainability And Drive Profits

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Modern consumers want to spend their money with businesses that care about the planet, creating a significant incentive for companies to improve their green credentials. There is also a lot of talk about changes in laws and regulations regarding the carbon footprints of various industries. It is a smart business choice in a lot of ways to improve your business’s sustainability practices.

It can also be challenging for small businesses to know the best ways to improve sustainability. New technology can help significantly, but this can also come with a hefty price tag. This article will discuss some of the ways that the benefits outweigh the cost when improving sustainability.

Adopt The Corporate Social Responsibility Business Model

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) business model is one that measures its success through its impact on the planet and the people it works with. This includes consumers, business partners and employees. By following the CSR business model, you will invest in your team and ensure you provide a good, worthwhile service while limiting the impact your business has on the planet. In turn, this will drive your profits and boost your reputation in the community.

Hire Employees With A Background Of Sustainability

By hiring employees with a strong background in sustainability, you will ensure that your business gets the best in innovation. It will also ensure that each team member is accountable to your overarching goals of being an eco-friendly business. When hiring for new positions, look for candidates with educational or work experience in sustainability. Ensure you include questions in the interview process that give candidates the opportunity to showcase their knowledge.

Make Constant Improvements

Best practices within the business world change almost daily. You need to ensure your business is at the forefront of developments and prepared to make changes when needed. It is a good idea to keep in the know about the latest changes. You can do this by subscribing to publications within your industry that focus on sustainability. You could also do this by attending conferences with a sustainability focus.

Learn From Other Eco-Positive Businesses

Learning from others is one of the best ways to improve your business. Many ethical and sustainable companies are happy to help other companies improve their processes. You could consider talking to other local business leaders about how they became more sustainable. You could also look for a business mentor to build a relationship with that you can ask questions of and request advice from.

Take Communications Online

Thanks to technology, we can do more and more online. This can be an excellent way to cut costs and reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Remote working has become hugely popular over the past two years, and as a result, emissions from commuting have drastically reduced.

You can go further by enhancing your online communications, ensuring that customers and staff can connect efficiently without the need for face-to-face contact. You can unify multiple channels to make business communications streamline, which will improve efficiency and cut out unnecessary travel. Choose a reputable provider like Gamma to get the most out of a unified online communications system.

Train Your Team

Team training is crucial for a business to thrive in a sustainable way. You should ensure that your team gets all the most up to date information on sustainability practices. This will empower them to be more sustainable in their personal and work lives and give them accountability for their role in improving the sustainability of your business.

Market Yourself As An Eco-Conscious Business

Sustainability can be a key marketing tool. Consumers are keen to use businesses that have sustainability as a critical value. You should gain some formal green credentials to display with your marketing materials. Choose reputable organisations to partner with that will show you are serious about being an eco-conscious business.

Do Good Work In The Community

Doing positive work in your local community can help raise your company profile and boost trust in your brand. You could look for local environmental causes to support through fundraising, donations and volunteering work. It may help to give your staff paid time off to engage with local environmental charities.

Make Your Office Greener

Making your office as green as possible is crucial. You could look for renewable energy providers for your office gas and electricity. When selecting office space, look for buildings made with sustainability in mind. Ensure your office is well insulated and look for alternatives to environmentally unfriendly tools like air conditioning.

You should also ensure there is plenty of greenery in your office, which can benefit air quality along with productivity and motivation in employees. Choose easy to care for plants like succulents and ensure they are watered at regular intervals. You could also plant some greenery outside your office, improving the aesthetic of the space and further improving air quality for your community.

Written by Marcus Richards

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

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