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Protect Your Network From The Biggest Threats: Our Top Tips

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With new technological development comes improved hacking methods to access websites, applications and networks. These cyber-attackers are now becoming wiser in bypassing a company’s network and causing havoc using malware, spyware, phishing, adware, viruses and DOS attacks.

Using the right security measures, you can prevent information leaks, customer data breaches, and unwanted financial and informational resources access. Here are our top tips to protect your network from the biggest threats.

Use Strong Passwords Regularly

The easiest method to strengthen your company’s security is changing passwords regularly and ensuring they’re strong. This will secure your company from brute force password cracks. Brute force cracks are a popular method that randomly uses bots to combine alpha numerals to guess a password.

Make a schedule on how frequent you change passwords and ensure it is not related to your company. A strong password should be a complex combination of alphabets, numerals, and special characters like $, %, &, *, etc. Furthermore, do not write them on paper because anyone can access them easily.

Improve Employee’s Security Knowledge

Hiring IT experts is an excellent way to tackle security threats and keep your company safe. How good your company’s IT team is will determine its security strength.

To ensure success in preventing hackers’ access, you would need to train all your employees on network security. Let everyone will be capable of identifying threats and reach out to the IT team as soon as possible.

You should use the services of a professional business IT support like Geek-Guru. They provide top-notch server support in Birmingham, and they will handle everything related to server support, cloud technology, IT architecture and different IT services that your company need.

Regular Software Update

One of the best ways hackers can access a computer network is through old versions of applications, programs and software. No matter how unpleasing that update might be, they are crucial to your security.

So always keep your anti-virus, anti-malware, operating systems and all company’s software updated to the latest version. The best method to do this is by automatic updates. However, you would need to do it manually if your platform doesn’t have the feature.

Be careful about installing software from fake websites. It is better to limit employees from bringing in new programs and software without company leaders and IT team knowledge. This helps prevent any bug or malware that can attack networks through applications.

Use Anti-Spyware, Malware And All Security Software

IT specialists cannot wait for the consequences to identify a data breach or a hacker’s access. It would already be late, and the damage would have been done. Fortunately, security software like anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware help automatically.

Ensure to get the best quality security software for your company. They scan system files, operating systems and programs for any suspicious threat and immediately alert you when there’s any. They also prevent unwanted incoming and outgoing access from strangers. You could also engage a Business IT Support firm in Birmingham to give your company regular reporting and instant threat updates.

In Summary

Network security threats are now more rampant than ever before- even in small businesses. Company owners should learn to hire the best IT support services to tackle all threats and keep all vital information safe.

Written by Marcus Richards

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