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The Future of Social Casinos: How Virtual Communities Are Changing the Game

The Future of Social Casinos: How Virtual Communities Are Changing the Game

Today, all areas in the world are developing very quickly. But did you know that the social casino gaming industry is currently valued at $6.4 billion? And the total cost is growing every year. This is such a highly valued market segment that all the big companies are entering there to compete with the existing ones. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The world of casino games is developing more and more every year. Popular casinos like GameTwist are increasingly in demand. This is explained by the fact that you don’t even need to leave your home to play in an online casino. Comfortable? Yes, incredible! Let’s figure out what the future of online casinos is.

Integration of skill game elements into social casino games

This shift has been influenced by the growing popularity of esports, daily fantasy sports betting, and millennials’ growing interest in skill-based games. It won’t be easy for the players now, because certain skills will be required of them. We think we’ll see more research in the future that games like these improve intelligence. Well, or they offer other benefits for a person.

Live dealer social casinos will become popular

These games use live dealers to entertain players, just like real land-based casinos. Nowadays, most gambling games use automated dealers to provide quick results. However, some companies are experimenting with ways to make gaming more social by using live dealers. What game can we remember? Of course, it is poker.

Users will use iPads less often

iPad sales volumes are decreasing, in contrast to sales volumes of large-screen smartphones. The problem is that iPad users are much more interested in social casino games. Moreover, they are more likely to spend money on them. But Krejcik argues that social casino profitability could increase with devices such as the Apple TV, wearables, and large-screen smartphones. What is the reason? Simply, they take over a larger segment of the market.

Social casinos will benefit from Oculus Rift

It is believed that a certain amount of time will pass before virtual reality glasses become a product of mass consumption. However, according to forecasts, social casinos will be one of the first areas that can successfully monetize VR headsets. It is also considered that recreating the Vegas atmosphere in virtual reality can be a fun and immersive experience. It is logical to assume that an interesting game will be monetized better. The main reason: everyone already knows how to play social casino games, so you won’t have to teach people too much.

The amount of advertising in the CPI format begins to decrease

Advertising costs are skyrocketing, reaching up to $10 per user in some markets. For several years, demand has outpaced supply, even with the proliferation of mobile devices. It’s hard to find users who spend money in a market that offers free games. However, the trend shows that supply will increase as companies find alternative channels beyond mobile advertising on Facebook. This is because emerging markets are expanding their target audience, and social casino brands are reducing the need for advertising.

The stock market recognizes the value of a social casino

It was challenging for Zynga to convince stock investors that this company is a good investment. How do we see this? At a volatile share price. However, it is believed that companies such as Caesars Interactive Entertainment are undervalued on Wall Street. It is generally accepted that Caesars will benefit more if it forms a subsidiary of Playtika. Or, of course, in some other way will draw attention to the successes of its branch in free, non-gambling casino games.

Amaya and PokerStars will finally start taking social casinos seriously

You may agree that the main conditions are always dictated by large players in the market. The market for social casino games is becoming very attractive. Real money is won by people who play at home. Amaya and PokerStars are leaders. They understand the importance of making social casino games. In principle, they have already started this process.

Gradually, as a result of the massive appearance of gaming sites on the Internet, quite healthy competition arose. It played in favor of users, as casinos began to seriously work on more exclusive conditions, attractive bonuses, and other privileges so that their target audience would choose them. As a result, the gambling market has become global, since the convenient online format has made it possible to be in a casino in any corner of the world without being physically present there. Thus, the global popularity of online casinos is justified. Interesting? Certainly! The world will change more and more, and online casinos along with it.

Written by Marcus Richards

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